RADCLIFFgroup Engagement


Serving as senior advisor on critical enterprise initiatives is the role that we are most frequently engaged to perform for client companies. 

The advisor’s interaction is primarily with the principal leaders and sponsors, along with senior executives that have accountability for results.  We are able to work in any forum, including board/management meetings, team workshops, with customers and suppliers, advisory groups, and directly with individual leaders.  
Basically, we provide the “extra right arm” for companies in transition.


Our customary approach is to enroll all key stakeholders in priority initiatives, reinforce and extend governance processes that are already working in the business environment, and attack the most critical gaps.  An advisor’s style can range from hands-on crisis management to trailblazer or coach depending on individual circumstances.


RADCLIFFgroup engagements usually follow one of these models:

Advisor On-Board:  ongoing advisory role.  Typically includes attendance at regular strategy/management meetings and continuing support to the principal client and their senior staff.  We essentially become an extension of the leadership team - only part-time and independent.  The idea and encouragement to create this type of company originated from our charter clients.

Advisor On-Board Plus some ongoing advisory engagements require more dynamic allocation of time and resources.  In these circumstances, we can combine a basic fee with an option for the client to schedule additional days at an agreed rate when required.

Start-Up during the initial phases of a key initiative or launch of a new business, near full-time presence may be required - depending on program management maturity, complexity of business and technology environment, and preexisting skills and experience. 


Based on the project size and pace of progress, our level of involvement will decline through this period.  Ideally, an ongoing Advisor Onboard role follows a start-up engagement.  This allows for continuity of support to the initiative, as well as assistance for other related impacts in the business. 


Intervention:  usually completed within two months - because that is typically all the time most critical situations have for resolution.  The engagement may address different breakdowns - such as program execution, executive confidence and sponsorship, business case credibility, technology platform failure, or external provider performance. 


The scope, resources and time commitment for these engagements will vary dramatically - usually based on whatever it takes to get rapid resolution.  Most are structured as fixed fee engagements.


Sounding Board:  some circumstances may require a multidisciplinary advisory team.  To best support our clients, The Radcliff Group selectively represents highly qualified independent practitioners with expertise in business operation, strategy, organizational assessment, balanced-scorecard, human capital management, financial management, as well as information technology and services.  All advisors have prior experience with these engagement models, so we can hit the ground running as a cohesive team.


When appropriate, we can create a hybrid engagement approach specific to any company and initiative. 



We ensure that all engagements are free of any conflicts of interest among The Radcliff Group advisors.  Our clients include companies engaged in technology solutions, business transaction processing, equipment manufacturing, Internet software, logistics, distribution services, electronics manufacturing, biotechnology, real estate, specialized retail, and scientific research.  We have active Non-Disclosure Agreements with each firm, and expect to enter into a similar agreement with each new client.  


Fees and Expenses

We selectively limit client commitments to properly reserve appropriate time for each, so we can always be available when needed.  Typically, we work with an agreed-to monthly fixed fee, and rarely bill by the hour, unless requested by the client.


At the beginning of an engagement we work with clients to determine how many days are to be reserved each month – on average - to be available for work at locations designated by the client – headquarters, plant, sales office, regional centers, or customer sites.  Included, we also provide a substantial allocation of additional time each month for advance preparation, telephone consultation, conference calls, email, document review and related activity at no additional cost.


The retainer is a fixed monthly fee that does not vary unless the client requests an increase or decrease in the time reserved. The retainer is designed to include all related and supplemental work.  The only additional billing is for reimbursement of out-of-pocket travel expenses, and any special project support services requested by the client.  


This arrangement is purposeful, so that client personnel do not need to worry about “the meter running” whenever they have questions or need help.  We take all reasonable measures to make time available whenever needed by the client.  Consequently, over the duration of a typical engagement, we frequently provide our most active clients with much more effort than they are ever billed.