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RADCLIFFgroup integrated expertise and resources offer growth stage companies the opportunity to ensure achievement of expected return on investment from program investments: 

  • Critical business change initiatives
  • Information Technology
  • Shared services and outsourcing relationships
  • Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management
  • Global resource decisions
  • Human Capital Development

With depth of experience in leading transformations for a diverse group of global corporations, RADCLIFFgroup advisors interact directly and enable senior leadership teams in growth driven organizations to:

  • Ensure experienced independent guidance and effective governance
  • Operationalize strategy and business outcomes
  • Plan integrated initiatives
  • Build a creative and collaborative environment
  • Fast-track strategy implementation
  • Build relevant performance measurement


Combining measurable outcomes with leadership and execution, The RADCLIFFgroup supports the senior team to help focus strategy and collaborative implementation to maximize the value of organizational capabilties and alliances.


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