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Along with extensive career experiences with global market leaders, The Radcliff Group's select client relationships include leaders and innovators in diverse industries. Among our clients are companies engaged in financial services, business transaction processing, medical technology, manufacturing, Internet software development, logistics, commercial investment and development. 



The decades of front-line experience represented by The Radcliff Group provide a uniquely powerful collective base of practical perspective and knowledge exclusively to our clients.

The Radcliff Group provides specific private counsel to each individual client company. We ensure that every engagement is free from any conflicts of interest, and operates with comprehensive confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with each firm.

From... Fortune

"Mike Radcliff took a huge gamble: He bet his job - and almost the company - on his group's ability to install powerful and notoriously complex enterprise information-management software."

"What made it work? Radcliff defined success in business terms...and insisted that half the project staff come from the business. As a result, no matter how messy things got, the debate was... how do I achieve the outcome?, and nothing else."

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